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Craters & Freighters of Houston can provide a variety of corrugated packaging to meet your shipping needs. Our corrugated packaging is versatile & durable.

We build our custom corrugated packaging with double wall corrugated fiberboard that’s at least 350 lb., with fluting between three sheets of linerboard and two mediums. Our corrugated boxes are lightweight, resist crushing and work well for stacking. Overall container design — including direction of fluting, mechanisms for closing and inner supports — all give corrugated boxes their strength. Corrugated packaging is a better value than wood crates and provides ample protection for most items.

We build our containers specifically for your items... When creating our custom corrugated packaging, we consider a number of factors including temperature required, weight, dimensions, materials, exposure to the elements, stacking requirements and more.

Corrugated boxes can be used for a number of purposes to meet your requirements for shipping and storage.

Packaging Techniques

The materials used to pack our client's items range from EPE foam, corrugated boxes and wood crates to name a few. Whatever the packing technique may be, we have the capability. Many of our packing techniques were tested and proven by packaging engineers. Also, we have enhanced these techniques by combining them with techniques we've learned from experience through the years and from other Craters & Freighters throughout the country.

When packaging items it is imperative the packer knows the various techniques available for use to pack the specific item. They need to know when it is acceptable to simply palletize, box, if it requires a wood crate or if special padding on the inside of the container is required. Craters & Freighters of Dallas has extensive experience when it comes to custom packing. Our reputation as one of the best packing companies in the country shows our dedication and commitment to always treating the client's merchandise as though it were our own.

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